Best Lawn Aerator Shoes | 2017 Buyer’s Guide

The grass could be greener on your side of the fence.

If you want a lush, healthy lawn but don’t want to part with hundreds or even thousands of dollars, lawn aerator shoes are an inexpensive, effective solution.

Lawns are high-traffic areas. The repeated force from all that traffic can pack the soil and strangle your grass’s roots. The holes created by an aerator’s metal spikes allow water, fertilizer, and air to penetrate the lawn’s surface and reach the roots more easily.

There are several options when it comes to aerating your lawn, most of them more costly than lawn aerator shoes.

Expensive Solutions

You can purchase or rent a motorized, walk-behind aerator with hollow spikes which “core” the ground, removing excess soil. For less money, you can purchase a tow-behind aerator, which also has hollow spikes and attaches to a tractor or vehicle.

Inexpensive Solutions

For very little money, you can buy a hand-held aerator which requires the user to manually jab into the lawn. Finally, and also for very little money, you can purchase lawn aerator shoes and walk around your yard. Both of the inexpensive solutions feature solid spikes which do not core the soil, but simply make holes so nutrients and water can penetrate more deeply into the ground.

Aerator TypeSpike TypePhysical ExertionPriceOther Considderations
Motorized Push Aerator (Purchase)HollowLow$2000-$5000Requires Storage
Motorized Push Aerator (Rental)HollowLow$100-$300One use, Transport required
Tow-behind aeratorHollowNone$150-$550Tractor Required
Hand-held aeratorSolidHigh$20-$100Hard on back and arms
Aerator ShoesSolidHigh$20-$60Good workout

Of the least expensive aerator options, we prefer the aerator shoes over a hand-held device. Repeated jabbing at the lawn with a hand-held is strenuous and can cause shoulder and back pain. The shoes also require some effort to use, equal to that of a moderate leg workout. This can be a positive feature—aerate your lawn and skip the gym!

Our Picks for the Best Selling Lawn Aerator Shoes in 2017

Lawn aerator shoes are one-size-fits-all, designed to adjust to fit over your own shoes or work boots. The user simply walks (or stomps) across their yard to poke holes in the lawn. The more you weigh, the easier they are to use (so you won’t get the best results by strapping them onto your eight-year-old). It’s a good idea to use nn damp or wet soil, as they will sink into your lawn with less effort.

Important things to keep in mind with lawn aerator shoes are fit, durability, and price. We found that all the shoes on our list improved the lawn’s heath and appearance.

9. Gardenite

Unlike the rest of the shoes on our list which have plastic bases, these have a nylon base. However, we didn’t see any difference in the quality of the two materials. Even with four adjustable straps, the user needs to take some measures to make sure the Gardenite shoe stays in place. One should wear shoes with a non-flexible sole under these aerator shoes. The manufacturer is responsive if you have any problems, and will promptly send replacement parts if needed.

Durability: 3.9

Fit: 3.7

Quality for the price: 3.8

Our overall rating: 3.8

8. Astrogrow

These take some getting used to, but once you do, you’ll see your lawn improve. They’re well built, but fit was an issue. They can roll off the foot if straps are not properly adjusted.  If you have small feet, try wearing a clunky shoe or boot with these. 

Durability: 4.6

Fit: 3.5

Quality for the price: 3.9

Our overall rating: 3.9

7. Ansbro

These pierce the ground with ease. While they can be somewhat time-consuming to assemble, they work.  These shoes feature three nylon straps and quality zinc-alloy buckles. Like nearly all aerator shoes, they can slip on your feet. To alleviate some of the slippage, pull the straps tight.

Durability: 4.2

Fit: 3.9

Quality for the price: 3.9

Our overall rating: 4.0

6. Acre Gear

These shoes are the only ones on our list that come pre-assembled, which is a definite plus. They also come with extra components, so you can replace parts if needed without dealing with the manufacturer.  The drawback is that the spikes can bend or come loose after several uses, so you might end up needing the spare parts. You will want to wear a work boot or something similar when using, especially if you have a smaller foot.

Durability: 3.6

Fit: 4.2

Quality for the price: 4.0

Our rating: 4.1

5. NiG Tools

The three adjustable straps help the shoe stay in place, but you might have to tweak them as you go. The spikes penetrate the ground with ease, and the metal buckles are made of high-quality metal. The spikes tend to stick in the ground if you pull your feet up at angle, especially if you have clay-rich soil. It’s best to move your feet straight up and down in these, as if you’re marching.

Durability:  4.9

Fit: 3.4

Quality for the price: 3.8

Our rating: 4.2

4. Punchau  Lawn

Assembling these shoes takes a little time, but we were extremely pleased with the results. These are solid, high-quality shoes with four straps and metal buckles that are built to last. The straps stay in place better than most of the others, so there’s little time wasted stopping and readjusting as you go.

Durability: 4.9

Fit: 4.7

Quality for the price: 3.8

Our rating: 4.4

3. Green Toolz

This version of the aerator shoe works well. The spikes do not bend, which can be an issue with some of the other shoes. To avoid tangling or stepping on the extra-long straps, you might need to trim them once you find the right fit. The overall fit was above average, but as with all lawn aerator shoes, you might have to readjust the straps every now and again.

Durability: 4.8

F​it: 4.5

Quality for price: 4.6

Our rating: 4.6

2. Ohuhu

The Ohuhu is a standout because it can be worn over almost any shoe without slipping (though we don’t recommend using them with sandals or any kind of open-toed footwear). With durable straps, buckles and spikes, these are an excellent choice. The straps are long and might need to be cut once you find the proper fit. Like the other shoes, they take a little effort to assemble.

Durability: 4.6

Fit: 4.9

Quality for the price: 4.7

Our rating: 4.7

1. Abco Tech

This is a high-end shoe for a low-end price—and our top pick. They are less time-consuming to assemble than the majority of the others. The metal is anti-corrosive, and we had no issues with the spikes bending, even in clay rich-soil. The fit was the most secure of all the shoes we tested. If you decide to purchase these shoes, we suggest you snap them up quickly. They’re a best seller for good reason.

Fit: 4.9

Durability: 4.9

Quality for the price: 4.9

Our rating: 4.9 Protection Status

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